ORCAUBOAT Advanced Systems for Intelligent Sailing(OASIS)
OASIS - Insight
OASIS-Insight doesn`t directly engage in control of the vessel. It provides comprehensive navigation assistance, which makes each voyage safer and more relaxed.
OASIS - Pilot
OASIS-Pilot engages in active control of the boat, offers a sailing experience that surpasses manual operation and makes navigation worry-free and more efficient.
Autonomous Navigation Controller
Display and Interaction Terminal
4D Millimeter Wave Radar
High-Performance LiDAR
Marine Camera
Easy to Install OASIS features a modular design that allows for customizable selection and upgrades as needed, and can be easily integrated with onboard AIS systems, navigation radar, and other equipment.
Improve Safety OASIS is capable of 24/7 real-time monitoring of the boat`s surroundings, including other boats, buoys, shallows, and obstacles, thus significantly reducing the risk of collisions.
Reduce the Burden of Boat Operator The automated and semi-automated assistance sailing systems can help the operator handle repetitive and complex tasks, such as route navigation and hazard identification, thereby reducing their workload.
Enhance Efficiency OASIS can optimize navigation outcomes, reduce fuel consumption and operational costs, while simultaneously increasing overall navigation efficiency.
Advanced Perception
Object Detection Accurately identifying targets by type, distance, and speed based on advanced AI algorithms, and provide an intuitive visualization results.
Real-time Environmental Mapping Displaying real-time obstacle information of the surrounding environment accurately and reliably by fusing sensor data from LiDAR, millimeter-wave radar, and cameras.
Collision Warning Perceiving the surrounding environment and monitoring the vessel`s motion state to provide early warnings for various collision risks.
360° Surround View Presenting the real surrounding environment with full 360° visibility, allowing for real-time and intuitive observation of the boat`s surroundings to avoid blind spots.
Autonomous Navigation
Course Keeping Using advanced navigation and control technology, and making real-time adjustments based on changes in external conditions, such as wind and currents, to ensure that the vessel consistently follows the course.
Route Tracking Integrating high-precision navigation technology with adaptive control algorithms to effectively reduce the influence of wind and waves, ensuring that the vessel maintains its course safely and efficiently whether on straight or curved routes.
Collision Avoidance Incorporating COLREGs and the experience of professional mariners into the autonomous collision avoidance algorithm. Achieving safe and smooth autonomous collision avoidance through environmental perception, autonomous route planning and control.
Dynamic Positioning Automatically adjusts the vessel's throttle and steer based on real-time monitoring of wind direction, current speed, etc. to achieve precise position and heading keeping.
Automated Docking and Undocking
Autonomously detecting berths and assessing docking conditions Adjusting the vessel's speed and direction automatically Ensuring safe and stable docking and undocking.
Mode 1
Navigate close to the dock
Detect berths
Select a target berth(User)
Select direction(User)
Plan a route
Dock autonomously
Mode 2
Select a berth used before (User)
Press start(User)
Plan a route
Dock autonomously
Press start (User)
Analyze the surrounding environment
Plan a route
Navigate out of the berth