Intelligent Water Operation and Maintenance Solution
Pain Points
Surface Cleaning
Inefficient, difficult and costly to work with
Water Inspection
Long working hours and high operational intensity
Water Quality Monitoring
Poor sampling and untimely data
Intelligent Sanitation
Intelligent Water Resources
Intelligent Water Management
Intelligent Environmental Protection
Intelligent Water Ecology
Program Facilities
Smurf    Unmanned Cleaning Boat
Loaded garbage: 50kg
Maintain waters:suitable for 50-100 acres/boat
Titan    Unmanned Cleaning Boat
Loaded garbage: 100kg
Maintain waters:suitable for 100-200 acres/boat
MoShark    Unmanned Mowing Boat
Loaded garbage: 150kg
Maintain waters:suitable for 200-300 acres/boat
WasteWhale    High-efficiency Unmanned Cleaning Boat
Loaded garbage: 500-700kg
Maintain waters:suitable for 500 acres/boat
Screen platform
Mobile platform
PAD platform
Operation platform
Optional Module
5 Parameters of water quality
9 Parameters of water quality
Blue-green algae salvage
Reagent placement
Underwater topographic mapping
Detection of concealed pipes
Charging Facilities
Charging cabinet
Wireless unmanned intelligent charging dock
Functional Segmentation
Garbage Cleaning
Aquatic Plants harvesting
Water Quality Monitoring
Routine Inspection
Program Advantages
Autonomous navigation, autonomous control, full-intelligence perception, autonomous decision-making and other cleaning modes autonomously switch to adapt to a variety of waterside scenarios, the highest degree of intelligence in the industry
Autonomous Driving
Pure electric range with zero pollution, in line with the concept of low-carbon environmental protection
Efficiency is 3 times higher than traditional manual labor, with intelligent charging system to realize 24H operation
Efficient Operation
Safety and Security
Human-machine collaboration, sanitation workers do not need to go into the water to control the boat, extracting garbage, preventing extreme harsh environments and drowning
One-key start, autonomous return, and autonomous completion of operations make water sanitation easy and fun
Easy Operation
Data Accuracy
The unmanned boat works day and night without obstacles, sails stably, has high control precision, dense and easy-to-process data, and clear picture of graphic transmission, which is more accurate and objective than the data from traditional manual operation
Traditional Boat
Unmanned Cleaning Boat
Number of boats that can be managed per work
increase in overall efficiency
reduction in overall costs
Traditional Boat
Unmanned Cleaning Boat
Boats required per 100 acres of water
Baguazhou - Nanjing
Houhai - Shenzhen
Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited
Sand Lake - Wuhan
Hancheng Lake - Xi'an
Nansha River - Beijing
Xiaobin River - Kunshan
Kuilei Lake - Kunshan
Lu Lake - Chengdu
The Ou Garden - Suzhou
Downtown - Hangzhou
National People's Congress - Shandong
Dishui Lake - Shanghai
Changfeng Park - Shanghai
The Ancient River - Yangzhou
Lanshan Park - Yinchuan