WasteWhale      High-efficiency Unmanned Cleaning Boat
WasteWhale High-efficiency Unmanned Cleaning Boat Clean Everything on Waters
Killer of surface cleaning
The 15-meter collection width and large-capacity waste baskets truly realize large-area, high-efficiency waste cleaning on the water surface
Multi-type waste cleaning
Capable of collecting a wide range of waste such as fallen leaves, willow flakes, floating mud, cyanobacteria, duckweed, oil and so on
Efficient human-machine interaction
When the garbage is full and returned to the dock after automatic identification, it will calculate the return time independently and notify the user by voice call in advance to collect the garbage at the dock, reducing the unnecessary waiting time for the user
Garbage is automatically lifted to the bank
The waste basket automatically lifts up to the shore and the user only needs to take down the waste with ease, saving time and energy
Fully unmanned operation
Timed task initiation, unmanned driving, and shore-based autonomous charging achieve full unmanned operation, greatly reducing the cost of manpower
Hull size
length, width, height/mm
Hull weight
1300KG(Hull weight)
Loaded garbage:500-700kg
Autonomous driving
3 wind force resistance
Intelligent Path Planning, Precise Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance
Working scenario
Urban rivers, small and medium-sized lakes and reservoirs
Multiple types of garbage cleaning in coastal ports and other water areas
Autonomous wireless charging
Charging time 5h
Battery life 8-10h
Working hours
Ability to work 24/7
Depth of immersion 0.5m
Intelligent Software Interaction
More functions to choose
Clean Everything on Waters
You can use the app timed task module to complete your cleaning needs, and there is even a one-key start button for convenient operation with multiple work modes
Smart Working Flow
Completed on-site or remotely by Orcauboat fae personnel (build HD maps and cleaning tasks)
Unmanned Task
The boat
start to work
Unmanned Task
The boat
start to work
Unmanned Task
Autonomous identification
of full garbage
Unmanned Task
Return to the charging dock
Unmanned Task
Notify the user
by a voice call
Unmanned Task
Return to the
charging dock to charge
Completed the
cleaning task
Unmanned Task
Countie to the
cleaning task
Users can easily put down the garbage
Unmanned Task
The waste basket automatically
lifts up to the shore