TITAN Unmanned Cleaning Boat
TITAN Unmanned Cleaning Boat Orcauboat TITAN, the flagship of water cleaning
Full capable
TITAN has a comprehensive range of capabilities, including water surface garbage cleaning and shoreline inspection, as well as water quality monitoring and water sampling. Unmanned closed-loop operation: garbage collection, garbage water filtration, garbage storage, autonomous return, autonomous recharging
All time
5G IOT allows it to be remotely online at anytime, anywhere, with a long battery life of 6-8 hours, and with our innovative wireless autonomous charging dock, it completely realizes 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work
All waters
It is capable of governing 100-200 acres of water and adapts to all inland waters of rivers, lakes and reservoirs
High quality
With its stable and reliable product quality, TITAN has shipped nearly 1,000 units with a total mileage of 400,000 kilometers and has landed in hundreds of waters around the world
Hull size
length, width, height/mm
Hull weight
430KG(Hull weight)
Loaded garbage:100KG
Autonomous driving
3 wind force resistance
Intelligent Path Planning, Precise Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance
Working scenario
Urban rivers, small and medium-sized lakes and reservoirs
Cleaning, monitoring inspection of offshore harbors and waters
Autonomous wireless charging
Charging time 6h
Battery life 6-8h
Working hours
Ability to work 24/7
Depth of immersion 0.45m
Intelligent Software Interaction
More functions to choose
Orcauboat TITAN, the flagship of water cleaning
You can use the app timed task module to complete your cleaning needs, and there is even a one-key start button for convenient operation with multiple work modes
Smart Working Flow
STEP1Mobile phone/PC remote one-touch/Scheduled appointment startup
STEP2Autonomous tracking, autonomous cleanup operations
STEP3Start unmanned cleaning task in selected area
STEP4Full/low battery auto-return, autonomous charging
STEP5Full load and light transfer of refuse
STEP6After charging, turn on the automatic working mode again