USVInland Dataset


USVInland is the first multi-sensor dataset for the unmanned surface vehicle in inland waterways. During a period of 4 mouths, we made use of our self-driving boat to record data from sensors including Lidar, stereo camera, millimeter-wave radar, and INS when sailing both manually and autonomously in inland waterways.

Aiming at the requirements and challenges of perception and localization for USVs in real-world inland waterways, the dataset is developed mainly for three tasks: SLAM/odometry, stereo matching, and water segmentation.

By publishing this dataset, it is hoped that USVInland can support researches on autonomous driving above water surface for better solutions to the challenges caused by the unique sailing scenes, so as to push forward the development of USVs for inland waterways.

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About Radar

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If you want to cite our dataset in your research, you can cite:

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Interested in USVInland? Watch this video below to see what the data look like!